7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Needed

7 Reasons why Digital Marketing is Needed

You may probably hear the word Digital Marketing and without your knowing it may be applied to you, like you looked for a product online, ended up in getting ads from it through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and so on. Thus Finding the targeted customer and make them do a valuable action is said to be Digital Marketing. In Old days( in some cases even now) business people used to market and sell their products to the people without knowing their exact need, requirements i.e they communicate with each and every person and wasting their money, time and physical effort.

Then after sometime, companies used to target only a specific set of people depending upon their products, it may worked for sometime but it only given less results.

But now everything changed through digital marketing, here we’re only targeting the people who are all looking for our product by searching online or searching for similar products. With the use of ad campaigns and many more we can retarget the audience and make them as our customer. And by considering the current market scenario and competition level, in order to succeed in the market and generate more revenue, a Business has to adapt Digital Marketing. Here I have listed about the 7 Reasons why Digital Marketing is needed for a Business to Succeed.

1.Your Targeted Audiences are online

Yes, your targeted audience i.e your customers are online. The number of people using internet through laptop, mobile and tablet are rapidly increasing throughout the past 10 years. People tends to search for a product or service online for review and information. And most of them are purchasing their products online rather than offline in recent times. Thus finding the targeted audience online, make it as the one of the primary need for Digital Marketing

Your Targeted Audiences are online

2. Fading Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing methods includes Televisions, Newspaper, magazines and Radio. Through these methods companies tend to advertise about their product. But these kind of advertising methods are fading since most number of peoples are spending their time on online. For eg. In old days people purchase mobile phones from a physical store, but is this the case now? No, more than 80% of the people now purchase it on online. Traditional marketing is taken over by online marketing mainly in the form of E commerce.

3. Digital Marketing Costs Less

Companies tends to advertise their products through traditional methods for a huge sum of money to get attention for a niche market. Here, we have to consider the fact that traditional methods costs more and attain less reach ( conversion into customers). But through Digital Marketing you can target the niche market and advertise to them and convert them into customers way more effectively than traditional marketing, thus it costs less CPA(Cost per Acquisition) . You can engage with your customers(make them subscribe) through online and make them purchase further. Thus they’ll become your Loyal customers, engaging and retaining customers is difficult in Traditional Marketing.

Digital Marketing costs less

4. Email Communicates Better

Once you find your target audience, you can make them subscribe, you know the exact product that they’re looking for, you can email them about the product, tell them that there’s a 30% off only for them and provide a call to action like purchase now.

Most people will not purchase in the first email. You can email them about your products regularly and turn them into your customers. In some cases, people abandon the product in the cart in such cases you can retarget them and convert them into customers. Such kind of things doesn’t even exist in Traditional Marketing.

5. Social Media Builds Trust

Yes, Social medias that we’re using builds trust for a particular brand. Social media can do more than just promote your products, services. You can engage with your customers on social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. There you can update info about your products, services, current and upcoming activities to keep them informed and engaged. You should respond quickly if there’s a query about your product. Companies have separate pages in social medias and can separate create campaigns for advertise to the target audience.

Social medias build trust

6. You can track your Customer’s Journey only using Digital Marketing

Cool!! Right, Yes you can track your customer’s ongoing journey fully through Google Analytics. Through Google Analytics we can able to track your customer’s journey like where they’re from, no of users in real time, total no of users visited over time, pages per session, bounce rates( it should be less), at what time people visit, devices , OS they’re using, Location they’re from, You can find full user behavior in your website, whether they’re converting or not, and from which source that they’re from and many more. It is in the form of reports and it is easily measured. We’ll see it in Detail in Upcoming Posts. Such kind of Customer’s Journey finding is not possible in Traditional Methods.

Track customer's journey

7. Stay ahead of Competitors

For Every Business there’s a competition, and if you get the online presence when your competitors doesn’t, you’re definitely having a very great advantage, you can widen your business reach through online, create a brand value to customers, you can able to engage with your customer always when your competitor doesn’t able to.

Stay Ahead of your competitor

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