How learning basic coding will improve your digital marketing career

Do you want to know how basic coding will improve your Digital Marketing career?

You’ll be amazed by how companies prefer to hire you instantly if you know basic coding. This applies to every Digital Marketing.

Let’s Explore more about it.

coding will improve your digital marketing career

If you’re working in a big company, then you’ll get separate front end, back end developers, graphic designers.

But if you’re working in a small company, you need to multi-task, so learning basic coding will improve your Digital marketing career.

When it comes to digital marketing, companies prefer people who can figure out small problems themselves.

For eg, if you need to change the footer text, you don’t rely on technical people, you need to solve it on your own.

You don’t need to excel the programs, you need to the basics, the purpose, the working, fixing small issues.

Learning basic coding will help you in the following ways:

  • You can save both time and money.
  • To cut down the costs and increase ROI.
  • To show ahead of the competition.
  • Convey what you are exactly looking for the designer.
  • You can showcase it in your resume/CV

The coding languages will help you to improve your Digital Marketing career are


To begin with, Almost every WordPress site is built with HTML. HTML means Hypertext markup language.

It’ll tell the web browsers how the website is structured. It’s very useful to learn how to create hyperlinks. It goes well along with CSS.

Learn HTML coding to boost your Digital Marketing career

It is the basic coding language that will improve your Digital Marketing career

You can have enough knowledge of HTML within 4 hrs. Try Codecademy for HTML and also go for W3 school.

2. CSS

CSS stands for Cascaded Style Sheets. It is used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML

CSS coding

With a little HTML and CSS, you can create landing pages for AB Testing, Custom Email Campaigns.

It describes how the HTML elements to be displayed on the screen. You can learn CSS through Codecademy W3 school and also several other websites are providing free courses.

3. Javascript

It is said that HTML and CSS are bones and dresses of a human body respectively.

To make the human body to dance, move, you need Javascript. It defines functionality.

Java cript

You know that for GA tracking, you need to insert tracking code in your website.

Everything right from popups, auto scrolls, sparkle to animates are made by Javascript.

It is a complex language in advanced stages. But learning basics of Javascript is pretty useful.

4. SQL

SQL( Structured Query Language) is a programming language for managing data from the database management system. You should know how to manipulate a data

SQL is best language to learn for Digital Marketers

With this, you can manage more data and complex queries. Also, there is a google product called BigQuery which allows you to manage GA data, can join different GA tables. Even you can add 3-4 filters.

These are the coding languages which boost your career.

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