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Ubersuggest review: A Free Keyword Research Tool (2019)

There are many keyword research tools are out there. Most of them are paid like Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. But there is a Free Keyword Tool which will give you real-time keyword suggestions. Here it is, Ubersuggest. Now we are going to have an in-depth look at Ubersuggest review.

Ubersuggest Keyword Tool for getting long tail keyword suggestions

In this Ubersuggest review, we are going to see in detail about Ubersuggest keyword Tool.

In the above image, we can see that there is a keyword query box, where you can enter the keyword that you need to research. Then select the country and click search. You’ll get results like the top ranking pages for that particular keyword, Search Volume, SEO Difficulty, Paid Difficulty and Cost per click.

Ubersuggest Review for better uage of the tool

Here if you select keyword ideas, you’ll get long tail keyword ideas for the particular keyword that you entered. Along with the difficulty in ranking your website in the top 20 search results.

Ubersuggest Traffic analyzer is used to analyze traffic for a domain

With the help of Traffic analyzer, you can analyze your and competitor’s website. In this Ubersuggest Traffic analyzer, you’ll be shown organic keywords for which website is ranking. Along with organic monthly traffic, Paid keywords and Paid Ad cost.

You’ll be able to get competitor’s backlinks, both Do follow and No follow backlinks. Can export into CSV. It is one of the best free competitor’s backlinks analysis tool.

There’s a separate option for Backlink analysis for any website out there. This amazing tool developed by Neil Patel is a gift for people doing SEO.

Ubersuggest Tool Features

1. Domain Overview

With the help of Ubersuggest tool, one can able to analyze competitor’s SEO. What is working for them, what is not . And improve the strategies, adopt them to your own website and have an edge.

This Overview will sum up the entered domain name, show right from the ranking keywords, Traffic sources to backlinks.

2. Top SEO Pages

With the help of top SEO pages report, you can able to find which of your competitor’s keyword is ranking for Organic keywords.

So you can able to find the content which people wants to read on the internet. You’ll no longer able to waste your time on content that people doesn’t likes to read.

3. Keyword Suggestions

From main terms to long tail terms, you’ll get hundreds of keywords suggestion on the Ubersuggest tool. You can also able to see the trends, search volume, Difficulty level, and CPC

You can take a list of keywords that’s working for your competitors and also based on the people search in the search engine.

4. Content Ideas

With the help of this Ubersuggest tool, you’ll be able to get more content ideas by getting results of the top performing keywords.

You can change your content strategy, by seeing what’s working for your competitor.

5. Backlink Data

As we all know Backlinks is the one of the primary ranking factor to be ranked in the top of the search engine results. It is very important to get backlinks for your website. You don’t need to put all of your efforts in getting backlinks from all sites.

Do the competitor’s backlink analysis, find what’s the high Domain Authority backlinks. Submit your website to the same. Make a list only of high profile Backlinks, save your time on linking to low-quality backlinks. But make sure it is Do follow the link and submit only it has spam score less than 15%.

In this post, we have seen Ubersuggest review for Ubersuggest Tool. Hope this’ll be useful for you. Post your valuable comments for this post below.

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