Top 5 Apps to Digitally Transform Your Business Support Processes

Can you guess? what can streamline your business support process?  No doubt it is the digital transformation that will streamline your whole process. In the age of technology, manual systems are so old and this is high time you replace them with digital means.


Digital transformation will bring efficiency, effectiveness in your business support operation. So, if you are thinking about how to do that here is the 5 apps that will digitally transform your business support process. 

Visitor Track – Visitor Management Application 

The manual paper log system kills valuable time, annoying and cannot deliver authenticate data when required. Replace it with the most cutting edge visitor management system Visitor Track. This mobile and desktop-based visitor management application take less than a minute for a secured check-in. In this fastest approach, you will get visitor data, their detail, check if they are restricted or not, etc. Using this robust system you can blacklist intruder when required and restrict their future access to your office premises. This application is cost saving too. You can save your administrative cost using application since the app provides digital visitor badges to the visitor that cut cost on printing visitor ID.  

Asset Tracker – Asset Management Application 

How do you manage your fixed assets? No doubt it’s a trisome job. Even in the pen and paper method, you have to check back all the data each and to stay updated. This is not feasible at all and even time-consuming. How about a solution using which you can get all the information right to your pocket, no matter where you are, you can check them whenever you want, with all the details of each asset. Yes, Asset Tracker is such an asset management application that will let you manage your asset from a single platform. You will get an asset’s history, custodians history ( who is using the asset ), get a notification on any issues arises with the asset, get repair history and so on. The application comes with a mobile version and can be accessed from the remote location. This means no matter where you are located you can always stay updated with your assets information. Isn’t it a great app for a tension-free vacation. 

CircleCare – Employee Engagement Application 

Richard Branson ones said “  “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” But how do you take care of them when you have thousands of employees? No doubt it is difficult. Your HR solely can’t do that cause they have to do a lot of stuff like recruiting, performance monitoring, running training programs, etc. At the same time, even if they wanted to motivate each of the employees personally than the process will be time-consuming. Keeping all this problem in mind CircleCare an employee engagement application is created. This is first-ever software to provide employee engagement digitally with personalized care. Your employees will be motivated as you can send them personalized motivation, and engaging messages using CircleCare. CircleCare. CircleCare provides a single dashboard for its administrator, using which you can see who is not active and who is active, who needs the motivation to meet their health goals and who doesn’t. You can send Kudos, recognition badges as a part of the motivation from this single platform. Not only that, you can share any corporate notice, thoughts or ideas using this platform using which your employees can participate and engage with each other beyond your company boundary. 

Fleet Manager – Fleet Management Application 

Vehicle management is kind of a nightmare for everyone. One has to follow lots of processes to manage their vehicle, no matter if it is for the reservation or for the delivery. Fleet Management is such an application that will ease this fleet management process and will make it effortless and efficient. This robust application brings all the fleet management data in one single platform, instead of checking different books and papers, you can check updates of a single-vehicle with just some clicks. From receiving reservation requests to vehicle reserve all can be done from this single platform. In addition to all these, you can manage the driver’s profile, check fuel cost, manage vehicle fuel, truck driver’s locations, perform a remote inspection all from this app. 

Simple CMMS – Computerized Maintenance Management Application 

Maintenance is a big part of the support process in manufacturing. Without proper maintenance, your machine can breakdown anytime at any moment that has a huge impact on business ROI. On the other hand, maintaining a huge number of machines is a huge task. If you have multiple manufacturing units in a different location, the task becomes more complex. Simple CMMS – computerized maintenance management application makes it easy for you. Using this software you will never miss a   can monitor all the maintenance work from a single platform. You can create work orders, schedule work orders, get a notification when done and get the report of overall completed tasks.  

So, this is how you can digitally transform your business support process that will streamline your business support operation. Using this app you can bring efficiency, effectiveness in your business support operation and can stay ahead of the competition. 

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Paula Flynn:
Digital Marketing Analyst of M2SYS Technology and blogger who loves to know and share the use, impact, and prospects of digital transformation.

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