5 Tips to Improve Instagram Engagement

How will you define the engagement? Up to what level the people are involved in your content is known as the engagement. You can be a business owner, marketer or social media influencer but do you know about the authentic ways by which Instagram engagement can be improved? Marketers and Instagram influencers are making a lot of efforts to increase the engagement on Instagram.

5 Tips to Improve Instagram Engagement

Your desire to tag others, share their content and follow them will increase with the growth of this platform. On this platform the engagement of followers has been successfully increased by some big celebrities, some clothes stores, make-up artists and some other businesses. There are 5 ways by which your engagement on Instagram can be improved.

1. A savable content must be created by you – A lot of importance has been given to the saves and comments on this platform. If the save button is tapped by your audience after seeing the content then it will be very good for you. This content can be read by your audience any number of times in the future as it has been saved by them.

2. Use Instagram story stickers – This feature has been used by 500 million users on this platform. Stories having stickers is used by so many brands so that a lot of people remain engaged with your account. Their experiences and opinions can be easily shared with you and they can also chat with you. In this way the loyalty of your followers also increases. How your engagement can be increased with the use of various stickers:

  • A sticker in the form of a question – On Instagram stories use AMA (Ask Me Anything). Your business can grow with this because it will help your followers to gain good knowledge about your trade. Knowledge about the items of your company and details about your brand can be given to followers with this. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions from your followers. What type of color palette should be used in the next season? This question can be asked from your followers.
  • A sticker in the form of a quiz – For tracking the results and letting your followers to see multiple choice questions in a trivia style that are shared with them by you, you can take the help of quiz stickers. The quiz can win the votes of your followers also. The information about who has given votes to you and which option has received the maximum votes can be gotten by you.
  • A sticker based on countdown – For the posts put by you the countdown sticker is the best if you want to increase your sales by attracting a lot of followers. The time and date are counted down by adding a countdown sticker if an event or product is going to be launched by you.

3. New content types should be analyzed and tested regularly – After doing experiments on this platform the plans for best content can be easily made by you. It can be a daunting task for you to test a fresh content. To get the knowledge about the best content experiments you can take the help of Later’s Instagram Analytics so that all the performance metrics can be measured and tracked easily.

4. A fun element can be added – It requires some planning, effort and time for Instagram stories to be perfect. If an element of fun is added to it then it will be very good. You can add in your content some trending topics and memes so that humor can be created easily. If some funny GIF is put in your content then the people will like it and will try to get engaged.

5. Story shares of Instagram should be encouraged – Your followers can easily get your content if you share it with them. In this way you can reach a huge audience. If your content is reposted by your audience then it will be very good for you. According to the needs and likes of the audiences you have to create the content and share it also. Putting fun memes, nice quotes and infographics will be a good idea as it will easily attract the audience.

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