High profitable Blog Niches that Makes more Money & Traffic Quickly (2023-updated)

Best Blog Niches of 2023

In this blog post, I am going to share the list of best blog niches, which drives tons of traffic and can generate more money.

You can start your blog now (only after completing the post) and can grow it quickly.

In 2023, starting a blog is easy. Finding the right niche for your blog (which drives good quality traffic and easy monetization) is tough.

By the end, you’ll get a clear picture of picking the right niche for your blog.

In addition to niche, I have provided a list of sub-niches where you can start a blog and become a thought leader. These niches are also applicable to mobile application development.

Let’s Dive in.

List of Contents:

  • Factors to be Considered Before Selecting the Blog Niche.
  • Know How Biggest Blogs make Money.
  • List of Best Blog Niches
  • Blog Niches to avoid for a Beginner blogger
  • Conclusion

1. Factors to be considered before selecting the Blog Niche:

This is a prerequisite before selecting the blog niche. In this initial stage, you need to fill the Venn diagram like below.

Venn Diagram to pick right blog niche for you

A. Interest or Passion:

You need to pick an interesting/passionate topic according to you. Some people say that the blogging niche doesn’t need to be your interest.

But we strongly disagree. Consider this situation, if you selected a topic that you’re not interested in, you can’t able to write 50 articles per year. Eventually, you lose interest and give up at some point.

So make sure, you pick a blog topic that you have at least little interest in.

B. Traffic:

Obviously, selecting a niche according to the competition is important. If you select a low-competition niche, then profit and traffic levels are limited.

If you select a high-competition niche, the opportunity for monetization is high, but you are never able to reach the first page. (with Longtail keyword +specific content it is still possible).

So, it is advised to select either a medium competition niche or a sub-niche of a high competition niche.

C. Profit:

It is one of the very important reasons why we create a blog. Select a niche where monetization is easy.

So consider these factors before selecting the Blog Niche.

2. Know How Biggest Blogs make Money.

You need to have an understanding of how blogs make money, it is important. The biggest blogs out there in every niche make money in the following ways:

A. Selling their own product and services:

The majority of bloggers’ income sources is coming from their products (Digital products like Courses, Ebooks, and Podcasts) or services (like Consultation, membership, and subscription).

B. Affiliate Sales:

It means recommending a product or service in their niche and getting a certain percentage of the amount as commission for every sale. If you have enough traffic coming to your blog, then you can gain money affiliate marketing too.

C. Sponsored post:

Through the Sponsored post, bloggers promote a particular company in order to draw a large amount of awareness, traffic, consideration, and leads.

D. Display Ads:

Display Ads like Adsense used to work before, but people are thinking about it as a distraction or spam.  So It is strictly not recommended.

3. List of Best Blog Niches

Here is the exact list of Best Blog Niches and sub-niches under it. Select a niche and start a blog in one of its sub-niche, which might interest you.


E-learning niche is best for Affiliate commission

Most people realized that continuous learning is essential for career and Knowledge growth. But, not every people have time for classroom learning. Plus affording to classroom training is quite expensive. There comes the E-learning

With E-learning, anyone can learn anything, anytime at much more affordable prices. Most demanded and useful courses are available in e formats.

Starting a blog in E-learning will be great if you have the right skills. If you have the relevant knowledge, you can recommend other online courses and earn a commission from it.

Note: Can’t able Include Outbound links for Each blogs, which might leads to penalty.

Sub Niches:

E-learning Platform reviews, Courses on Web designing, photography, Graphic designing, Digital Marketing, AI, Business Communication and every interesting & demanding topic.

Ways to Monetize the Blog:

A. Own Courses: If you’re a subject expert in a particular topic or skill, you can make your own course and sell it online. It will give you a recurring income.

B. Affiliate Marketing: You can prоmоtе courses of a 3rd lеаrning platforms аnd еаrn аffiliаtе соmmiѕѕiоnѕ.


Blog Niche in health Topic

Health is Wealth. Even though people are earning more, they’re well aware that only physical health will create greatness. It is an evergreen topic & almost applicable to everyone in the world.

Search queries related to health is more than millions in a day. It is a huge topic and a very competitive one. So better go with sub-niche in the health topic

Sub Niches:

Mental fitness, Nutrition, Meditation, Yoga, Skincare, Foods for good health, Immunity level, Proteins and vitamins, Paleo/vegan diets, Organic foods, Foods for Low carb/sugar

Ways to Monetize the Blog:

A. E-books: You can sell E-books for better health results. Also, you can publish your own book.

B. Affiliate Marketing: Can recommend Affiliate products like Protein supplements, Food supplements, Yoga related materials, and skin related products.

C. Consultation: If you’re an expert you can generate leads from your audience, through leads you can do the consultation. You can even conduct programs like Quit smoking programs.


Blogs in Fitness Niche

Like Health, Fitness Niche is a broad Niche. More no of youngsters are running towards Gym, Calisthenics, and Power Yoga. In addition to that, now independent of gender, everyone wants to be fit.

So starting a Blog in Fitness will be the best choice if you’re a fitness enthusiast. Nerd Fitness is one of the popular blogs in this niche.

Sub Niches:

Weight loss for both genders, Power yoga, Bodyweight fitness, Running, cardio fitness, Recommending a gym & yoga, Zumba dance, Workout from home, Learn martial arts.

Ways to Monetize the Blog:

A. Affiliate Marketing: You Can recommend a Gym and Yoga center, get a commission for every signup. Also can recommend fitness Equipment like treadmill, Dumbell, and other related products.

B. Online Workout Training Courses: If you’re a fitness enthusiast or a trainer, you can provide your Online Workout courses for an amount. The best example of this is DDP Yoga.


Pregnancy Niche is a targeted topic

Parenting is a much-needed skill for every parent. Even though you can get better over time, know how to make you even better. Parenting niche involves right from the time of pregnancy to birth of the child, it continues till it became an adult.

If you’re a parent, then you can definitely start a blog in this niche. The opportunities for this blog is unlimited, done correctly you can a lot of profit in a short span.

Sub Niches:

Self-care during pregnancy, Foods to eat and avoid, communicating to small children, Home schooling, Dealing with difficult kids, Accepting their differences, be friendly with kids.

Ways to Monetize the Blog:

A. Books/E-books: If you’re a parent, you can provide parenting Ebook. And if you have sound knowledge of Parenting, then you can write and publish your own book.

B. Affiliate Marketing: Can make money by recommending Affiliate baby products like oil, shampoo, soap, and clothing. And also you can recommend good child care centers and consultants.

C. Consultation: You can generate leads for your Consultation through blogging. Provide free value like ebooks, collect a lead, nurture them and can easily make them pay for your service.


Home Decor is one of the best topic in Lifestyle Niche

Lifestyle is one of the tricky niches, you need to very careful in it in order to be successful. With a proper approach, it can become successful in this list of best blog niches.

Home Decor is one of the hot topics in the Lifestyle niche. There are tons of people starting a blog and YouTube channel in this niche, succeeding in it. If you don’t have good content and approach, you’ll be lost.

Sub Niches:

Home Decor, Urban lifestyle, Western culture, Furniture, Interiors, Home Crafts, Daily hacks, Dating, Pets, Home improvements, Living Abroad, best places and cities to live.

Ways to Monetize the Blog:

A. Handmade Decor Products: If you’re good with handmade craft works, you can sell your own product through the blog. If your product is appealing, you’ll get more orders.

B. Affiliate Marketing: Can provide homemade products review including electronic equipment, furniture, and other home products, recommend them and make a commission.

C. Books/E-books: Can provide E-books and Books for a price, make money from it, if you have knowledge in it.


Personal Finance related queries every month

Personal Finance niche will answer the best way to save money and to places to invest for higher gains.

You can start blogging on how to reduce interest percentage for a loan, simplify government policies and make it very simple for common people. The best example is The Penny Hoarder.

Sub Niches:

Invest little money effectively, Financial Independence, Budgeting effectively, paying off student loans, Reduced credit card debt, Tips for saving monthly expenses, Interest education, home loans & other types of loans,

Ways to Monetize the Blog:

A. Affiliate Marketing: You Can recommend a Consultant, loan scheme or any type of financial schemes, and can promote paid apps

B. Consultation for HNI: If you’re a known financial expert, you can get High Networth Individual leads for your consultations.

C. App: Can make an app on Personal Finance and do services for people by getting a small commission.


Personality Development blogs can make more money

Now a days, people tend to search for cracking interviews, developing soft skills, and communication skills. If you’re a communication expert, looking for making money through online, this is for you.

You can even conduct courses and can write your own books & Ebooks if you excel in personal development. Through blogging in this niche, you can get speaking & mentoring opportunities in Institutions & Corporates.

The best example in this niche is Brian Tracy

Sub Niches:

Crack Interview, Soft skills development, Attitude, Personality Developments, Quitting bad habits, Self-development, career advice, motivation, goal achievement, Time management, procrastination, Productivity, a Better human.

Ways to Monetize the Blog:

A. Affiliate Marketing:  Can recommend a soft skill training center, Spoken English Institutes, and consultants in this niche

B. Courses & Consultation: If you’re a known soft skill trainer, you can run an agency and do consultation for students, corporates

C. Books & E-Books: Can write your own book in Soft skill training, books with proven tactics are in great demand. E-books format is also widely provided by Experts.


Travel Blog Niche is one of the profitable Blog Niches

In the list of Blog Niche, Travel is one of very Exciting topic. You’ll love blogging in the Travel niche, if you’re a travel enthusiast, and if you’re breath & live to explore more in the world.

You can make great money through various affiliate programs. People also tend to explore more places and trust the opinion of the travel expert before planning the trip.

Sub Niches:

Travel Guide, Travel deals, Destinations places, Where to stay, Restaurants, Hidden Attractive places, Camping, Speciality food of each place, International laws, Saving money on travel, affordable travel plans & Comparision, Places to visit with Bike.

Ways to Monetize the Blog:

A. Travel Agency:  You can generate leads for your travel agency through effective blogging. If you’re good at blogging about exploring new & exciting places, people will find you and signup for your service.

B. Affiliate Marketing: You can recommend travel agencies and hotels & other services and get more commission. In Travel agencies, affiliate commission will be more.

C. Sponsored post: Can write about a particular hotel or a travel agency for more reach, popularity and getting more leads.


One of the Best Blog niches is fashion Niche

Fashion is related to lifestyle niche. But Fashion Niche is itself a broad topic. Fashion includes everything right from the hairstyle, makeup, clothing, ornaments, and shoes.

If you’re a stylish person, like to share fashion trends, updates or create a new trend, then this niche is for you. Fashion Bloggers make most of their money from the Amazon Affiliate program.

Sub Niches:

Clothing, Hairstyles, Jackets, Bags, makeup, footwear, men’s fashion, Jewels, trending styles, Modelling, Kids fashion

Ways to Monetize the Blog:

A. Affiliate Marketing: You can recommend fashion products like shoes, clothes, Jewels and get a commission for every sale. Amazon Affiliate program is very popular and you can even start the Amazon affiliate website, make a sale.

B. E-books: Provide Fashion tips and exclusive information in the form of E-book.

C. Outsourcing: If you sell fashion-related products, you can blog, attract traffic and make sales either through a separate website or mobile app.


Digital Marketing Niche is best for beginner bloggers

Digital Marketing is one of the Best Blog Niches. The Reason is you got a lot of sub-niches in it. If you provide more value, then you can be a successful blogger in this niche.

Also, monetization in digital marketing is easy. The best example of Blogging in Digital Marketing Niche is Neil Patel.

Sub Niches:

Conversion Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Youtube, Content Marketing, GRaphic design, Freelancing, Careers, Web development, Affiliate, E-commerce, Marketing Automation, Inbound Marketing, Digital Analytics, Social Media Marketing

Ways to Monetize the Blog:

A. Affiliate Marketing: Most of the Bloggers in Digital marketing space, do affiliate marketing and make more money. Mainly they recommend tools used for digital marketing.

B. Institution: If you run a standalone digital marketing institution, then you can get lead from your blog. Institutions can do either online or offline courses.

C. Books: If you’re an expert in digital marketing, you can write books and publish it. Can do E-books also.

D. Consultation: If you do freelancing or consulting, through the blog you can generate more potential leads, they are likely to become your customer.

E. Sell Courses: You can sell courses on Digital marketing and recommend it on your blog. If people trust you, then they’ll definitely signup for your course.

See, the multiple monetization possibility in Digital Marketing is making it as one of the best blog niches in the list.


Stress Mangement blog niche

When it comes to best blog niches, Stress Management is one of the newest and hot topics you can begin with. If you’re in a management level of decision making or an entrepreneur, there’ll be both risk and stress.

If you know how to handle stress, make life and career then you can definitely start a blog in this niche.

Sub Niches:

Work-life balance, Depression handling, Multitasking, Anger management, Peace, Relationship, managing work effectively, Handle more money.

Ways to Monetize the Blog:

A. Consultation: Consultation would do best in Stress management. If you’re a consultant, then definitely you can get leads from the blog.

B. Podcast: Do podcast and make some money with it.

C. Books: If you’re an expert in Stress and anger management, you can go with writing books, promote it and sell it. Do Electronic version of the book.


Tech blogs to follow

Technology is one of the other best blog niches. The opportunities are endless. Each sub-niche is itself a vast module. You can write anything that excites you.

You can write reviews about any gadgets you like, share creative ideas, if you’re a gaming expert, you can start a blog and YouTube channel for it.

Sub Niches:

Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Gadgets, Mobile PC updates, Electronics, Smart Home Technologies, reviews, Gaming, Creative Ideas, Scientific Innovations, Latest Technology.

Ways to Monetize the Blog:

A. Affiliate Marketing: You can go for affiliate marketing, recommend products and make money for every sale.

B. Business Leads: If you’re selling a product like Smart Home Technologies, you can generate leads by blogging.

C. Books: If you’re an expert in technology like AI and IOT you can go with writing books, promote it and sell it. Do Electronic version of the book.

4. Blog Niches to avoid for a Beginner blogger

These are the list of Blog niches that you can make money, but not recommended for a fresh & beginner blogger.

A. Make Money Online:

If you know how to make money online then it is okay, otherwise, it is not recommended. you’ll be lost in the competition if you don’t have a strategic approach.

B. Cooking:

It is the best topic for blogging. When it comes to monetization, the opportunities are limited for this niche, so it is not recommended for a beginner blogger.

5. Conclusion

These are the complete list of the best blog niches. We found it after extensive research for some time.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

In which niche you’re going to create your blog?

Or maybe I didn’t mention another best blogging Niche.

Either way, Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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