7 Steps to Create a LinkedIn Profile that standout (2020)

LinkedIn is a social network for business professional & students. By creating a LinkedIn profile/ account you can connect with other professionals with in your domain, gain and share the knowledge with. It is the most used most used social Media platform among the fortune 500 Companies.

According to FoundationInc

61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions.

Businesses have well established presence in LinkedIn. Also infact more than 80% of the professional cite Networking using linkedIn is one of the reasons for their career success. In addition to that, LinkedIn act as a platform to hire talented candidates.

So we can leverage LinkedIn for professional Networking, getting jobs, for sharing your insights. In this guide we’ll see how to create a powerful, best LinkedIn profile that helps you to stand out during job search, and to find right connections.

Create a Powerful LinkedIn Profile in 7 steps

Let’s see how to create an awesome, killer LinkedIn Profile using these 7 steps

1. Go with basics

First thing you need to do is upload a nice Professional photo. Don’t give any casual/party photos, remember it is a professional platform for business professionals and students. So like in the image below upload neat professional image. Also keep in mind that your face covers 40-50% in the image. Most important- Smile.

LinkedIn Profile Picture

Then add a nice Cover Photo, I would suggest you to add a nice custom photo of yourself. Customize your default URL to a personalized one, in that way it will be easy for others to find you and it will look good.

For example: Make it look like “https://www.linkedin.com/profile-name” rather than ” https://www.linkedin.com/profile-345#&* “. It is very simple to change URL, just go to profile, in the right side you’ll see “Edit public Profile & URL”. Just click and change it.

2. Add Nice headline

If you are searching for someone, you can see the profile of person. It includes a small picture, name of the person and Headline. This is the first thing that make others to persuade to connect with you.

Add an Interesting Headshots

To put it simple, just include your current profession followed by your expertise and areas of interest. In this way people can easily identify who you are.

3. Make an Interesting Profile Summary

This section will give an opportunity for you to tell your story. Unlike Headline here you can include more content, you can talk about past professional experience. Then you can explain how you brought value to your old/current companies & your notable contributions in your field. Also you can talk about your areas of Interest

4. Update Work Experience, Educational details, and skills

Here comes the valuable part, yes. People judge you / comes to an conclusion upon you based up on the above three Work Experience, Education Details and Skills you have. First Work Experience, here you need to update your internships, experiences along with the company details. I

While doing that, update your roles & responsibilities on your previous companies. Then for Educational details, you need to enter your academic details along with the date. Also mention your skills.

5. Start Building your Professional Network

After Completing the above steps, connect with experts, business owners and high experienced people on LinkedIn. You can gain knowledge by insights shared by them. Engage with their posts, you can comment on it. Share it if you like.

6. Ask People to Endorse your Skills

You can ask your friends, colleagues to endorse your skills. They are more likely to endorse your skills

7. Update Profile & Post Content Regularly

Once in 3 months, update your profile or if you got a new job or if you acquired any new skills update it there. Post Content regularly, in that way you can find people engaging with your content.

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