Hotjar: A landing page case study

In this Landing page case study, we are going to explore how Hotjar used Unbounce convertibles to get 60+ trial signups.

To begin with, Hot jar is a powerful tool which will show you the behavior of your visitor.

This is the Hotjar Landing page case study

In this Landing page case study, you’ll know how Landing pages can grow conversions.

Landing Page vs Home Page

Before moving we need to know the difference between the Landing page and home page.

In a nutshell, both seem the same, but the landing page is different from the home page. A landing page is specially designed to persuade the visitor to perform certain actions.

Difference between Landing page and Home page

i.e providing some sort of offers in exchange for contact information.

Also, a landing page is designed to deliver a single purpose, to collect leads.

Coming to this case study, here

Problem: High rate of Visitors Abandoning the account signups.

To find: Research and find the areas of the website where the visitors are abandoning the website

But the challenge is to provide the best user experience to the visitors, the landing page about to create shouldn’t annoy the visitors

Key Results:

  1. Hotjar got 400 leads within a span of 3 weeks
  2. Converted 3% of the leads from page visits

They used Convertibles to make the landing pages

When the visitor is to about leave, an exit popup with free resources to their users is provided after collecting their email

For the purpose, they provided The Hotjar Action Plan (an Ebook) for the users who are about to exit in the pricing page

As a result, they have got 400 leads as in the form of an email. In that, 75% are not Hotjar customers

  • For Hotjar customers, they received an ebook via email. And they’ll ask for the type of content they like to see and provide what they expect
  • For Non-Hotjar users, they received an ebook via email, in addition to that, they have given an offer to use Hotjar for a period of time.

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