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In 2019, anyone can start a blog and can earn profit out of it.Yes…Before that, we need to be clear, Most of us doesn’t know difference between a website and blog. Actually Both are same. According to it’s usage and purpose, it changes a bit. The real difference between a blog and website is that blogs are regularly updated, posts are shown in reverse chronological order ( recent posts appears first) and dynamic in nature. Whereas in websites, they are static in nature and content are not updated more frequently. Lets start with the benefits of the blogging.

Why Blogging ?

  • Consistent blogging habit can make you a better writer.
  • You can highlight blogging in your resume.
  • Helps you to grow connections & network with like-minded peoples.
  • You can make money from home.
  • You can find recognition for yourself or your business.

WordPress Self Hosting vs Free

Popular Free Blogging platforms are, Blogger and Tumblr. With the hep of these platforms, you can create your blog for free. But you don’t have full control over your blog, they can shut you anytime. The web address of your will be like (www.yourblog. Peoples are less likely to visit your blog.

For Business and learning purpose, Self Hosting is Recommended. You have full control over your blog, can promote it. You can advertise anything inside your blog. Your website address will be like, it maybe .net, .in ( whatever you like), cool isn’t it. You can install various plugins and themes.

How to create a blog in 15 minutes

How to start a blog in 8 steps

  1. Select Blog Topic and your Target Audience
  2. Pick a blog name and check domain name availability
  3. Purchase Domain name and Find a domain hosting provider
  4. Install WordPress (CMS)
  5. Choose a theme and Design your blog
  6. Write & Publish your First post
  7. Promote Your Blog Post
  8. Make money from blogging

1. Select Blog Topic and your Target Audience

While Selecting a topic for your Blog, you need to consider three things. Your Talent, market opportunities and passion. Your blog should be overlap of these three. Select topic that you’re generally interested about, talks mostly with your friend. Then measure market opportunity, keyword research is a good way to find demand.

Instead of focusing on big product category, focus on niche market. There is always no 1 spot is taken by big product category ( for eg. Fitness Blog ). so, select a niche where you’ll become no.1 ( for eg. A Health and Fitness blog backed by science – Greatist)

2. Pick a blog name and check domain name availability

After selecting the niche topic for your upcoming blog, select a domain name for your blog. While selecting a domain name keep in mind that it should be easy to remember, unique and trustworthy. Don’t try too hard, select name related to your blog which people can easily find out.

Then here comes first part in create a blog, you need to check the domain name availability that you h’ve selected. You can go and check your domain name availability by clicking this link: GoDaddy

Check domain name availability- how to create a blog in 15 minutes

3. Purchase Domain name and Find a domain hosting provider

Important step in creating a blog is purchasing a domain name and find a hosting provider. For Purchasing Domain name, some of the popular sites are

For Domain Hosting, Some of the recommended sites are

Some companies provide both domain name registration and domain hosting. It is always recommended to keep separate sites for domain name registration and domain hosting.

Here, for a blogging beginner, it is okay to go for a cheapest option during the first year. GoDaddy is the cheapest option available, with a Rs 1200(including tax) you’ll get domain name registration, domain hosting for one year. You need to apply a coupon code to avail this offer. we’ll see it now.

First Go to and create an account.

Godaddy Home page - How to create a blog

After creating an account, go to wordpress hosting, you’ll see this

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting - How to create a blog in 15 minutes

Go with Basic wordpress hosting package, Rs 99/month, then click Add to Cart

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting 2 - How to create a blog in 15 minutes

Select 12 months plan, it’ll show you a total of Rs. 2988. Don’t worry, you can reduce it to 1200(inc tax) by applying promo code GDD1mwp at the end of payment.

Don’t click Website Security and Add standard SSL Certificate. Then select Continue

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting 3 - How to create a blog in 15 minutes

Here you’ll see free domain offer page, enter the domain name (name that you selected) for your blog. Here, for example take Let’s see how to go with it

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting 4 - How to create a blog in 15 minutes

Click Select and Continue, then enter your billing details

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting 5 - How to create a blog in 15 minutes

Click Apply Promo code : GDD1mwp .That’s it, you need to pay only 1200 (including tax)

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting 7 - How to create a blog in 15 minutes

Do your payment and that’s it. You own a blog.

4. Install WordPress (CMS)

WordPress is most popular Content Management system platform for a business website. It is very simple and flexible to use, doesn’t need coding skills. So, most peoples go with it. Coming back here, After making payment you’ll have access to cPanel area. Click Install WordPress, in site settings create admin name and password.

Then search your website ( For enter into WordPress admin area add /wp-admin ( after your website address.

Installing WordPress- How to create a blog in 15 minutes

This is how the dashboard of the WordPress look like. This is where we create our content, design our website, optimize our website and many more. You can change your website address with www version if you want (for eg.

5. Choose a theme and Design your blog

There are tons of free themes and paid themes are available at WordPress. Change the default theme and select a new theme for your website. For installing themes click Appearance >> Themes.

Design your blog - How to create a blog

For eg, if you search for Blog, you’ll see the following results

Design your blog 2 - How to create a blog

You can even download theme from outside and can upload it in WordPress using Upload Theme option. For every additional features you need plugins. You can install it by clicking plugins >> Add new

Design your blog 4 - How to create a blog

6. Write & Publish your First post

Create new pages for your blog. For creating a blog post go to Posts >> Add new. Give a title, write your content. Keep it short and simple.

Create and publish your first blog post - How to create a blog

You can add a block, where you can use Paragraph,Image, heading, Gallery, List, Quote, Audio and file. Use plugins Like Yoast SEO it’ll show you how you can optimize your content for search engines. After completing your post, publish it so that it can go live.

7. Promote Your Blog Post

Share your blog posts on Social media right when you publish your post. Create separate pages for your blog on each social media, invite people to like and follow it. For example you can promote it on FB using Boost post, with an Ad budget of Rs 2000, you Ad can reach upto 3k – 15k people.

Facebook page - How to create a blog

With Google AdWords, you can promote your ads by pay. You’ll only need to pay only your Ads get clicked in PPC.

8.Make money from blogging

You can make money from your Blog By becoming an Affiliate. There are many affiliate programs where you can earn commissions by selling products and service of other people. Include Affiliate link in your content.

Sell Digital Products like Ebook, Online Courses and apps and earn money out of it. It’ll take more time and effort. But before that you need to create a blog, consistently do posts, promote it, create awareness and readership for your blog.

Stay ahead of your peers by get started with blogging.

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