How to set up events in google analytics

Want to set up events in Google Analytics for a better event tracking?

Normally with Google Analytics, you can get the page view, also you can set up an event and can track it. But only setting up events will tell you how the users interacting with your site.

Learn how to set ups events in Google Analytics

For eg with event tracking, you can find whether the visitor downloaded the PDF, watched the video, or doing some sort of action inside the website.

It will also tell you which element is performing well(clicks, outbound links, video play) and shows you the areas to improve.

While creating an event you need to provide Action Category and label. You can view the event reports on

Behavior ———> Events ———-> Overview.

What can you track by set up events in Google Analytics?

By set up events in Google Analytics, you can track user interaction with different elements on your website.

  • You can track how many visitors are interacted with E-mail signups or call.
  • Can track the number of outbound links clicked.
  • Track how people have interacted with downloads as PDF.
  • How many people interacted with video content.
  • Interaction with other elements of the page.

How did it work?

In addition to the default Google Analytics tracking code, you need to add a custom javascript code for event tracking.

The Javascript code includes the following details like action, category, label, and value.

Example of this is <a href=”” onclick=”ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘PDF’, ‘Download’, ‘Checklist – PDF Download’);”>ANCHOR Text.

Here, Action=PDF, Category=Download.

When you are creating an event, you need to provide a category and label value.

How to set up events in Google Analytics

There are two methods available for setting up events, they are using manual coding and using Google Tag Manager.

For users who are not familiar with basic coding, you can set up tracking in Google Analytics.

You can use Google Tag manager if your website is complex.

Now, we are going to see how to set up Events manually in Google Analytics.

First, you need to set up a Google Analytics account and insert the tracking code in your website

then select which element you want to track, then set up manually like the above-said example.

Then you can find reports in the behavior section. That’s it, its very simple.


Now you can also a custom event in Google Analytics very easily. It may be a video interaction, downloading a PDF or Form submission.

So create your custom event now.

Comment whether you are going to create the custom event now.

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