How to Insert Facebook page plugin in your Blog

For every blog, It is very important to attract and engage website visitors. And make them stay more time. There are many simple ways to attract and engage in more website visitors. One such way is to insert a Facebook Page plugin in your Blog.

Insert Fb page plugin

Like this, In the above image, we can see that there’s a Facebook Page Plugin is inserted in the right corner. This Fb page plugin can help to increase in more engagement of the website visitors by

  • It’ll show your website visitors that you have an active Facebook community.
  • It’ll increases more likes and followers for your page in Facebook.
  • It creates trust and make them more engaged with the blog.

Follow the below steps to know how to insert Facebook Page Plugin in your blog.

Step 1: Search for Facebook Page Plugin

Go to Google and search for Facebook Page Plugin, or you can click here. You’ll see a page like this below

Insert Fb page plugin 2

Step 2: Insert your FB page URL and get Page Plugin Code

Then insert your FB page URL in the necessary column. Enter the width and height, you can change the size and can preview it.

Fb page plugin

You have four options provided there, like you can show friend’s face in the display. Then click Get Code.

Step 3: Insert Code in your Blog

After you click Get Code, you’ll get a code like this below

Fb Plugin Code

Go to Appearance >> Widgets. Then In the sidebar Select Text bar, inside that select text instead of visual and paste the FB code there. Select save and done.

Insert Fb page plugin in your blog

And that’s you’ll get FB page plugin in your blog, Sure It’ll attract the viewers to stay more.

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