The Complete Mobile SEO strategy for your Blog

In your Blog, which device gives you more traffic, mobile or Desktop? If it is Mobile then, there is a way to get more traffic. If it is Desktop, using this Mobile SEO Strategy, you can get mobile traffic more than desktop traffic.

Mobile SEO strategy

To begin with, Mobile strategy is defined as the practice of optimize your site to rank well in the mobile SERP

Like 5 years ago, Mobile searches surpassed the desktop search queries. Due to the importance of mobile users, Google introduced an update on the mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. It is commonly referred to as Mobilegeddon.

You need to know that even mobile content also determines the google search ranking. or you are ended up in getting poor ranking due to not optimizing for the mobile.

In the future, mobile search is expected to multiply. The method may change (Voice search), so it’s very important to optimize your site for mobile devices and having a proper mobile SEO Strategy.

Here is the list of complete SEO strategies you should follow for your blog. They are

  • Check for Mobile-Friendly test
  • Errors in GSC (Google Search Console)
  • Go for Responsive Design
  • Content formating
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Page Load speed
  • Don’t use Popups
  • Use schema
  • Don’t use robots.txt

Check for Mobile-Friendly Test

To begin with, your website should be optimized for both laptop and mobile. But your preference should be given to mobile-first. Mobile-Friendly Test helps you find the mobile-friendliness of your website. This is like the first step in developing the Mobile SEO strategy. You can check it from here.

If your website is not optimized for mobiles, then make it the first priority and fix it with the help of the developers. If you’re using a WordPress website, you don’t need to worry, it’s already mobile optimized.

Errors in GSC (Google Search Console)

Check for Errors in the Google search console. Mobile Usability report in the GSC helps you to find the errors and valid pages. It’ll show you the valid pages and errors on your website. Also for the errors it’ll show you the details such as status, type, validation, and trends. Solving these errors will give you a significant improvement in search results.

Go for Responsive Design

The first thing you need to keep in mind while going for a mobile SEO strategy is Responsive Design. Responsive Design is like it’ll change the website layout according to the device that visitor is using. So you need not create a website separately for desktop and mobile. WordPress always comes with a responsive design. So, make the website responsive, because people may use different devices to enquire.

Don’t go for Dynamic serving, it’ll show the same URL, but show different HTML & CSS according to the device. Also, don’t go for different URLs for mobile & Desktop, it’ll make your job doubler. But google prefers Responsive Design.

Content formatting

Proper formatting provides digestible content for readers. Yes, even if your content is great, without proper formatting, it’ll become hard for your visitor to consume it. Generally, formatting includes distributing the whole content into H2, H3, H4 tags, Avoiding lengthy sentences, providing ALT text for Images, providing internal and external linking if needed. Also, use a lot of negative spaces in between the contents.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) is introduced to provide faster loading in mobile results. Enabling AMP will optimize your website to load instantly on mobile. It’ll boost your rankings in SERP. There’s still a debate is going on whether AMP will show you an impact or it is really affecting your ranking. But enabling AMP is sure worth a try.

Page Load speed

Here comes the main part. Page load speed is the time taken for a website to load. For better results, your website should load within 3 seconds. If your website is loading speed is above 4 seconds, then your visitors will leave. Then it’ll affect your rankings in SERP.

Mobile SEO Strategy

Don’t use Popups

The high number of popups will irritate the visitors. Mobile popups shouldn’t be like Desktop popups. In the below image you can see that, the popup in the lest side is covering every part of the mobile screen, it shouldn’t be like that. It’ll leave your visitor irritated and make them exit your site. Instead, use mobile popups like in the second image.

Popups for Mobile SEO strategy

Use Schema

Schema is providing additional information about the webpage. It should be run time for music, ratings for a product, or recipes, amount for a service. Also, according to one research, websites opted for the schema to enjoy a high rate of CTR.

Don’t use robots.txt

Robots.txt files tell the search engine not to crawl particular components/parts of your website. so please don’t use it.

To summarize if you follow the above-mentioned Mobile SEO strategies, definitely, you’ll rank well in the SERP.

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