Facebook Lead Ads: A case study on ICICI

Today I’m going to show you how ICICI Prudential (an Indian Asset Management Company) used Facebook Lead Ads (case study) to make 8% uplift in Quality leads in 25 days.

This case study will help you know how to generate leads on Facebook

Facebook Lead Ads case stud on ICICI

To begin with, in this Facebook Lead Ads case study, ICICI run 2 Facebook campaigns, Awareness, and Conversion campaign.

They used both of these campaigns to boost awareness and generate more application for its fund.

Within 25 days, ICICI achieved the following results using FB Lead Ads:

  • 2.5x reached with awareness with plus conversion campaigns.
  • 8% uplift in leads from the awareness campaign.
  • more than 90% incremental reach from awareness campaign.


ICICI is the leading banking and financial services company in India. Here, ICICI Prudential is a Life Insurance company from ICICI bank. The company’s motto is to bridge the gap between savings and investment.

In addition to that, the company thrives in creating a long-term wealth for investors. Let’s begin the Facebook Lead Ads case study for ICICI.

The goal of ICICI’s Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

The goal of ICICI’s Facebook Lead Generation Ads is very simple. They want to connect with a wider audience, raise awareness, then develop trust and increase no of signups for the bluechip fund.

They want to get Facebook leads both from new and existing customers.

ICICI ran two campaigns simultaneously, one for awareness and other is for conversions.

The target audience is between 21-45 age from India.

They used a full-funnel strategy, right from the awareness, consideration, Intent to purchase.

Facebook Lead Ads Campaign strategy

They targeted custom audience and lookalike audience for ICICI prudential.

(Custom Audience: Custom Audience are the people from your CRM or people who have shown some interest in your product. It can be app installs or website visits.

Lookalike Audience: Lookalike Audience is a target audience based on a custom audience. They are identified by having similar characteristics and attributes like the custom audience.)

Awareness Campaign

Here, to begin with, ICICI company created a series of News Feed Video ads to get the audience attention. In addition to that, in the ads, they highlighted the key features and benefits of the product.

They made the best Facebook ads by showing their brand and message in the first few seconds. The best part of these videos ads is they used text in the videos to help the viewers understand even if they are watching without volume.

For more impact, they used to reach and frequency i.e they planned to have a frequency of 8 during the 1-month campaign.

In addition to Facebook Lead Ads, for greater effect, ICICI also ran videos as Instagram stories.

Conversion Campaign

In Conversion Campaign, they targeted 2 lookalike audiences. First one is from existing customers and the second one is the people visited from the Web page.

To these audiences, they ran video ads highlighting feature of the product. In addition to that, in this Facebook Lead Ads, They made a clear call to action in every video to make sure the visitor takes valuable action.

Results of this ICICI’s Facebook Lead Ads

  • They used to run the conversion campaign in the past. When running both awareness campaign and conversion campaign they got 2.5x more people reached.
  • From Awareness Campaign they have achieved 89% incremental reach and 8% increase in leads acquired.
  • Through conversion campaign, they have made 50% leads for their fund.


This ICICI case study is one of the best facebook lead ads case study. Facebook lead Ads will be best if you want to get more leads for your business. So, if you need leads for your business (shortly, you can go for Facebook Ads).

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