How to get your website indexed faster in Google

If you own a website it is important to get displayed in Google search results, right ?. For that Google Search Console (Formerly known as Webmasters tool) tool is needed. With the help of Google Search console you can get your website indexed faster in Google. Before we step into the topic, we need to understand what indexing is.

What is Indexing?

Index is a huge database where Google uses to store the information about every web page it has analyzed. The process of google analyzing the website is called “crawling”.

Crawling and Indexing - How to get your Website indexed faster in Google

If crawling and indexing doesn’t done by Google for your website that means your website doesn’t exist in the search engines. For requesting google to crawl and index your website in search results, you need Google Search Console.

What is Google Search Console

Google Search console ( formerly known as Webmasters tool) can be used to monitor the crawling, security issues, and index errors. You can use it also for measuring your website’s performance, URL inspection, index your website faster on Google and submitting the sitemaps. GSC is completely free and it is the most valuable SEO tool.

Steps to Index your website faster on Google using Google Search Console

Step 1: Submit your site on Google Search Console

Once you enter into the Google Search Console, click “START”. Then you need to sign in to your Google account.

GSC 1- How to get indexed fast in Google

You’ll be shown two types of ways to get started with GSC. The first one is to continue with Domain, where you need to only type the domain name e.g ( The second one is to go with an URL prefix, where you need to enter full URL address ( For e.g. Then click continue.

GSC 2- How to get indexed fast in Google

Once you enter your website address, it’ll take some time to process. Then there’ll be a verify ownership tab will show up, where you need to need to verify the website ownership.

Step 2. Verify ownership of your website

GSC 3- How to get indexed fast in Google

There’ll be 5 ways to verify the ownership. They are

  • Upload an HTML file to your website.
  • HTML tag: Add a Meta tag to your site’s home page.
  • Google Analytics: Use your Google Analytics account.
  • Google Tag Manager: Use your Google Tag Manager.
  • Domain name provider: Associate a DNS record with Google.

Here we are going with the first one, download the HTML file and upload it on your website.

Step 3. Set your preferred domain

Users can arrive on your website either by entering WWW or without WWW. But that’s a problem because Google considers WWW version and non-WWW version as separate websites. So make sure whether you’re going with WWW or without WWW. And then proceed further.

Then Select your target country, then move with by clicking “International Targeting” under Search Traffic.

This is the Dashboard of the Google Search Console.

GSC 4- How to get indexed fast in Google

Step 4. Submit the sitemap

A sitemap is a page contains a link to all the pages in your website. You need to submit your website’s sitemap to Google using Search Console. So Google or other search engine know what are all the pages inside the website.

If you submit your sitemap in GSC, then the work to be done will be easier. For Submitting the sitemap Click Crawl, below that select “Sitemaps”. In the top right corner, you’ll see “ADD/TEST SITEMAP”. That is where you need to submit your sitemap.

GSC 5- How to get indexed fast in Google

You should enter (/sitemap.xml) after your website address. For eg, sitemap for this website will be You need to type after your web address. i.e

GSC 6- How to get indexed fast in Google

Step 5. Fetch as Google and get indexed in Google

After submitting the sitemap, to get your web pages, posts indexed on Google. You need to click “Fetch as Google” under the Crawl. Then you need to enter the webpage or post URL in the column and select Fetch & Render

GSC 7- How to get indexed fast in Google

Then Google crawls your page and indexes your site on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Generally, indexing takes 4 days – 6 months depends upon domain authority.

Then Link Google Analytics to Google Search Console for better analysis.

Refer this Backinko guide for Google Search Console.

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